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BarnettBates is a family-owned and customer-oriented enterprise serving the entire US market.  Here, communication is “king”… from the onset of your project to a satisfactory completion.  This assures you of the best possible result – and hopefully makes you a friend who might think of us next time. 

The Barnett family has owned and operated the business since 1976, preceded by Bates family ownership which extends back to 1925.  The original founder, Albert Bates was an ingenious inventor with more than 300 US patents to his credit.  Bates family ownership eventually focused on the manufacture and fabrication of industrial grating.  The Barnetts continued this direction and expanded to include a wide variety of fine architectural fabrications and countrywide availability for all products.

Currently, BarnettBates is a growing, easy-to-work-with and extremely competitive countrywide single source for all types of grating – aluminum, steel, heavy duty steel, plank-type safety grating, fiberglass as well as other specialty types of grating including stainless steel.  Our unique grating capabilities feature the industry’s narrowest spacing for aluminum grating.  Also, our gratings can accommodate ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility and also provide safe/sure footing for all types of footwear – from workboots to ladies shoes with the narrowest of high heels. 

In addition, BarnettBates custom fabricated and color-coordinated architectural accents (fencing, equipment enclosures, infills, gates, sunscreens, etc.) can enhance and add the finishing touch to large or small architectural design projects. More than a dozen open pattern and louver styles offer a “feature material” range appropriate for nearly all architectural design concepts.

“Countrywide Authorized Orsogril Fabricator – 10 years”  We have all-important long term experience.  Others do not.   Use our helpful CSI-Spec guideline to specify BarnettBates for Orsogril custom fabrications. We’ve provided expert design/fabrication and helpful input to architects for many years.  Give us a call to discuss your project.

Get fast/fair budget quotes and/or specific quotations along with a brief discussion of connections/component sizing or other topics where we might provide some helpful input.  We also offer samples of all materials and a wide variety of completed-project digital photos to assist client and designer in visualizing design ideas.

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