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Aluminum Grating

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Why Specify Aluminum Grating?


The unique metallurgical properties and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum grating (see aluminum grating load tables) offers solid money-saving benefits for many applications.  It is lighter in weight and is therefore easier to handle and install than steel grating.  Because it does not rust, aluminum grating is commonly used in food preparation facilities, water and waste-water treatment plants, pumping stations and aboard ships.  Its non-sparking properties are ideal for safety in industries where volatile chemicals are handled.


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Depend on it. Review aluminum grating load table for your project requirements.


Bearing Bar/Crossbar Spacings - Widest Range Available Anywhere

BarnettBates offers spacing narrow enough to meet ADA requirements and to help prevent footwear from being caught, or wide enough for special purpose product screening or equipment safety shielding.

Aluminum Grating Spacing Chart 

Our aluminum grating is manufactured with your choice of either standard rectangular main (bearing) bars or bearing bars with an "I-bar" extrusion profile. The I-bar profile offers top and bottom surface grooves and provides the same strength using less aluminum when compared with rectangular bars having the same maximum bar width and height dimensions. Both rectangular and I-bar shapes are extruded from 6063-T6 or 6061-T6 aluminum (per ASTM B-221).  I-bar grating is available in sizes 1" through 2-1/2".  Rectangular bar grating is available in sizes ranging from 1" x 1/8" up to 2-1/2" x 3/16".  Rectangular bars are also available with a serrated surface for added safety. All BarnettBates grating is (and always has been) manufactureed in full compliance with NAAMM standards.

BarnettBates offers an unusually wide variety of grating configurations from close mesh with bearing bars spaced at 5/16" to open mesh with up to 1-7/8" spacing, in panel widths up to 3' and spans up to 24'.  Other panel widths and lengths are available via special order.  Aluminum gratings are commonly supplied unfinished (mill finish), but are also available with optional anodized or powder coated finishes.  An abrasive SlipNOT anti-slip surface finish is also available to enhance skid resistance. 

Crossbar Design Unique to the Aluminum Grating Industry

Without an increase in cost, the proprietary (and fully NAAMM compliant) BarnettBates Crossbar Design offers the architect or project specifier what many consider to be a much more attractive "clean-look" finished product appearance - with enhanced strength and rigidity... and without the unsightly machine twisted/swage crossbars common to competitive aluminum grating. 

Here's how our Unique Assembly Process Works

BarnettBates aluminum grating features expanded tubular cross bars (ASTM B-210), the structural efficiency of which is enhanced during our grating assembly/manufacture process.  Tubular cross bars are inserted into pre-punched holes in the bearing bars.  A mandrel is drawn through each cross bar tube expanding the tube to pressure-lock the bars in place creating four evenly spaced "flutes" extending the entire length of the crossbar.  The resulting fluted crossbars and the work-hardening that occurs during manufacture enhances grating rigidity in the crossbar direction.  This superior pressure-lock process assures maximum grating strength and service life.

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