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Heavy Duty Steel Grating

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Heavy-Duty Steel Grating Offers the Best Strength-to-Weight Ratio Available

When extra-heavy loads are anticipated (such as forklift or truck traffic) BarnettBates can provide the heavy-duty grating you need to ensure safety over many years of use. With a strength-to-weight ratio far greater than other flooring material, it can be considered for areas subject to heavy loads such as parking lots, loading docks, ramps, airfields, truck and bus terminals, subway and tunnel ventilation grilles and inlet covers. These gratings meet the standards and load tables as set forth in ANSI/NAAMM MGB 532-00.

Use this link to Heavy Duty Load Table and Panel Width information.  Safe load tables for static concentrated loads for W-19-4 HD grating is indicated.  Deflection information and safe loads for other spacings are available.   Call BarnettBates for input/discussion regarding your project requirements.

Gratings with bearing bar spacings ranging from 15/16" (W-15-4) to 38/16" (2-3/8") (W-38-4) on center are available. The bearing bars are thicker (1/4", 3/8") than those used for standard steel grating. Other bearing bar sizes and spacings including "grizzly grates" can be custom fabricated upon request.

Assistance and technical information is available for selection of grating for vehicular loads. However, these are often unique applications experiencing a wide variety of loading conditions and engineer selection is advised. Please contact us for assistance.

Because these gratings are tyically in more severe service, it is highly recommended that all open ends be trim or load banded. The welded band bar helps distribute these loads and minimizes potential panel distortion.

Heavy Duty Steel Grating Spacing Chart

Standard material is provided unfinished (mill finish). Galvanized, painted or special finishes are available.

Serrated bars or an abrasive SlipNOT® anti-slip surface are available to enhance skid resistance.

We'd like to discuss your project.  Please contact us for assistance.

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