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Safety Grating

Diamond Pattern Channel

  • Round Hole Pattern Channel
  • Pre-galvanized steel, HRPO Steel, 304-2B Stainless Steel, 5052-H32 Aluminum.
  • Pre-galvanized steel, HRPO Steel, 304-2B Stainless Steel, 5052-H32 Aluminum.

Safety Stair Treads

  • Available in either pattern, shipped complete with end caps ready to install.
  • Diamond pattern treads are available in 12 or 14 guage pre-galvanized steel.
  • Round hole pattern treads are available in 11 or 13 guage pre-galvanized steel.

These Products on the Job:


Cold-Formed & Channel-Shaped Safety Grating

BarnettBates offers two types of cold-formed, channel-shaped steel safety grating products in round hole and diamond patterns. These one-piece safety grating panels help provide a safe work environment under almost any industrial condition. Aluminum and stainless steel safety grating are also available.

Easy and Economical Safety Grating Installation

Installation is simple and economical. The lightweight design provides high strength-to-weight ratios and requires little maintenance.

Diamond Pattern Grating

Diamond pattern grating features rough serrated edges around diamond shaped openings that provide excellent slip resistance, even when exposed to snow, ice, grease or oil. Rounded corners at the saddle and side channel locations reduce the possibility of stress cracks across saddles or at the side channels under various loading conditions.

Round Hole Pattern Grating

Round hole pattern grating features large embossed holes for maximum drainage, surrounded by smaller embossed traction buttons that provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions.

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