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Aluminum & Steel Stair Treads

These Products on the Job:


Rugged Aluminum Stair Treads & Steel Stair Treads

BarnettBates offers rugged fabricated stair treads to match the full line of our grating products.

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rectangular or I-Bar Aluminum
  • Aluminum plank
  • Fiberglass
  • Safety Grating

Welded Steel Treads

The choice for most industrial plants and commercial buildings--offer strength, economy and easy installation. Lightweight, high strength aluminum or fiberglass treads are highly corrosion resistant.

Safe, skid-resistant, self-cleaning and economical fabricated treads are available with a wide variety of nosings. Nosings reinforce tread strength at the point of greatest impact and provide a definitive, visible edge with a roughened surface to help prevent slips and falls. Choose checkered steel nosing, cast abrasive steel, or SlipNOT® anti-slip nosing for steel or stainless steel treads.

Aluminum Treads

For aluminum treads, select corrugated (fluted) aluminum nosing, cast abrasive aluminum, or SlipNOT® anti-slip nosing. Pre-punched end or carrier plates, ready for bolting to stair stringers.

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