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Orsogril Britosterope

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Orsogril Britosterope provides added visual presence and added strength to accommodate specialized design opportunities featuring heavier main bars and cross bars. Our CSI 3-Part Spec. Guideline may be helpful in order to specify genuine Orsogril material  for your requirements. Other visually similar products are just not the same. This attractive and bold style features slightly thicker and deeper main bars and heavier cross bars when compared to the Orsogril Sterope style - utilizing the same rectangular grid pattern and electro-forged welding. Orsogril Britosterope's more prominent component sizing and strength make it an excellent choice for parking garage security infill screening, handrail infill  and other creative applications.  Offers added security and unique appearance.  

Orsogril Britosterope Features and Benefits

  • Bold and secure parking garage screening
  • Classic rectangular pattern
  • Superior security
  • Prominent physical barrier
  • Available with all framing & post options
  • Wide variety of finishes and colors
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