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Square Mesh Patterns

Five Square Steel Patterns – Nationwide Authorized Orsogril Fabricator – 10 years

CAUTION: Other products advertised as Orsogril "equals" are not the same.  Use our CSI 3-Part Spec. Guideline  to specify genuine Orsogril

Many Square Aluminum Patterns - Nationwide Fabricator of BarnettBates designs - 30 years.

Balance and symmetry. All BarnettBates square pattern architectural fencing/screening material offers the architect/design engineer an opportunity to enhance project horizontal and vertical continuity.  Equal emphasis in each direction can be coordinated with adjoining structures and environment. Custom fabrication of fence panels, handrail and pre-cast infill panels, gates, etc. brings unity and color coordination to all aspects of the project.

Approval drawings, all fabrication to your specifications, expert finishing and shipping to your jobsite always included in pricing. 
See CSI 3-Part Spec. Guideline for helpful specification guidelines.

We are prepared to provide the common sense brand of helpful input we hope you’ll appreciate during the formative stages – and on through design and production -- of your major and minor design projects.  Contact BarnettBates, and let us help you with your needs! 

We offer no-charge samples and it’s likely we have digital photos of projects with important similarities to your current design challenge. 


Largest Square and UBC Square Steel

BarnettBates Largest Square (Orsogril Alcione), and our UBC (Orsogril UBC) offer minimal view obstruction and almost no blockage of airflow.

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Mid-Square and Small Square Steel

Genuine Orsogril Orsogril Pleione (Mid-Square Pattern), and Orsogril Dione (Smaller Square), offer reduced size square patterns to appropriately compliment overall project design. Note: As square patterns become smaller, the material exhibits increasing view-blocking characteristics from all but straight-on viewing angles.

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Inchblock - Steel Pattern

Ideal for specialty/equipment enclosures enclosures, handrail infill, parapet wall fencing and many other creative situations.

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Square Mesh Patterns - Aluminum

The featured AA-1 style is one of many possible bar size/bar spacing alternatives available to you

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Square Mesh Patterns - Aluminum (AA-2, AA-4)

Separation of spaces for safety, security or aesthetics can be artfully achieved with BarnettBates Architectural Accent aluminum patterns.

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