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Inchblock - Steel Pattern

Specify: BBC Inchblock
(Equal: Orsogril Inchblock)

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BBC Inchblock CSI Specification Guidelines

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“Countrywide Authorized Orsogril Fabricator - 10 years”

BBC Inchblock (Orsogril Inchblock) Pattern Steel extremely unique approximately 1" square grid pattern material offers the architect a strong visual impression with a subtle view blocking characteristic when viewed from any angle other than straight-on. Adds visual interest and retains partial view - ideal for specialty/equipment enclosures, handrail infill, parapet wall fencing and many other creative situations.

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See downloadable CSI-Spec. Guideline to specify our "BB-20" 20-year warranty multi-stage, multiple oven-cure epoxy/polyester powder coat system.

Note: this system does not require prior galvanizing of steel material - successfully avoiding finish roughness and potential adhesion problems.

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