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Mid-Square and Small Square Steel

Specify: Genuine Orsogril Pleione  Mid-Square - Steel

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Orsogril Pleione Mid-Square (.pdf)

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Specify: Genuine Orsogril Dione  Small-Square - Steel

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Orosogril Dione Small-Square (.pdf)

Orosogril Dione Small-Square (.dwg)

Check out (view/download) our helpful... Orosogril Pleione or Dione CSI Specification Guidelines

Orsogril Pleione Mid-Square (.dwg)

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“Countrywide Authorized Orsogril Fabricator - 10 years”

BarnettBates Mid-Square (Orsogril Pleione), and Small-Square (Orsogrill Dione). These two reduced size square patterns begin to add a view-blocking characteristic when viewed from an angle...along with the ability to coordinate material design to enhance a project's symmetry.

Specify these styles for design-coordinated fencing, equipment enclosures and also for security in parking garage areas, handrail infill, and architectural separation of spaces. While offering beauty and security, these styles are not as "climbable" as some other styles, which can be an advantage. All items are custom-fabricated from electro-forge welded steel materials - to your precise requirements... including doors and gates. Please call to talk with us about your particular project.

See downloadable CSI-Spec. Guideline to specify our "BB-20" 20-year warranty multi-stage, multiple oven-cure epoxy/polyester powder coat system.

Note: this system does not require prior galvanizing of steel material - successfully avoiding finish roughness and potential adhesion problems.

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