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Aluminum View Blocking Louvers

80% or 100% View Blocking Aluminum Louvers
Specify BBC-STL-80 (80% View Blocking)

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BBC-STL-100 (100% view blocking) Aluminum
Specify BBC-STL-100 (100% View Blocking)

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STL - 80

STL - 100

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STL - 80

STL - 100

BarnettBates Aluminum CSI Specification Guidelines


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"Exclusive Fabricator of BarnettBates Designs - 30 years"

80% or 100% view blocking aluminum louver   Partial or complete view blocking with excellent airflow.  Note: 80% view blocking also offers discreet security/safety.  Maximum strength fixed louvers are approximately 1/16" thick extruded aluminum louver shapes manufactured with attractive hollow-tube vertical crossbars at 8" intervals.  Expert fabrication to meet your project requirements.

Please see our PhotoFocus Design Ideas for actual usage situations featuring this technique and other thought-provoking application ideas.  This BBC custom fabricated material may be your design solution for attractive and maintenance free fencing, enclosures of all types, and gates requiring an element of concealment with beauty and security.

Contact us for a discussion of your particular project / budget pricing / material samples. 

See our PhotoFocus Design Ideas for creative use ideas.  

Review Download Library for additional details and specification guidelines.

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