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Orsogril Talia 80 & Orsogril Talia 100

These Products on the Job:


What Orsogril Talia-80 Can Do For You

The attractive and innovative design from Orsogril for steel partial view-blocking requirements. This rugged, electro-forge welded and maintenance free louver pattern material offers effective view blocking of 80%. Add an element of security while blending with overall project color and design.  Talia-80 Product Detail (.pdf)  Talia-80 Product Detail (.dwg) 

Talia-80 provides a distinct look and a concealment level of 80%, with excellent free-air flow. Narrow but significant horizontal open areas between louvers allow for security view, appropriate air flow and slight natural lighting of the enclosed area.  Orsogril Talia-80 can be an attractive way to conceal required ground level or rooftop mechanical equipment, block headlight beams into residential areas and accommodate other specialized functional requirements. Creative usage of Talia-80 can transform eyesore areas into project design highlights.

What Orsogril Talia-100 Can Do For You

Orsogril Talia-100 view blocking louver design offers attractive, color coordinated concealment.   Elegant and rugged steel louver panels are electro-forge welded for rock-solid panel integrity.  Louvers slightly overlap in the horizontal direction to provide 100% view blocking. Orsogril Talia-100 offers an attractive, practical and color coordinated solution where view blockage is a requirement. Consider specifying Orsogril Talia-100 for dumpster enclosures, perimeter fencing, equipment yard screening, rooftop enclosures and building cladding.               Talia-100 Product Detail (.pdf)  Talia-100 Product Detail (.dwg)

Orsogril Talia-80 and Orsogril Talia-100 Features and Benefits

  • Rigid louvered panels
  • Attractive and discreet visual obstruction
  • Superior ventilation
  • Install vertical or horizontal
  • Popular for sunscreens
  • Available with all framing and post options
  • Wide variety of finishes and colors
  • See PhotoFocus Design Ideas
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