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BB20 20-Year Limited Warranty

L I M I T E D    W A R R A N T Y

BarnettBates Corporation “BB20” Polyester Powdercoat Finish System

BarnettBates Corporation warrants the original purchaser that its BB20 POWDERCOAT FINISH system will not exhibit rust penetration, peel or blister for a period of Twenty (20) years from the authorization date shown on original warranty registration information.

Damage from abnormal or improper use or design, accident, metal on metal abrasion, neglect, abuse, abrasion, air pollutants, improper installation, alteration, field fabrication or damages caused by flood, fire or act of God is not covered by this limited warranty.

This warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of the coating within the continental United States, and is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

To protect your rights under this warranty, please complete two copies of the Warranty Registration Card  return one to BarnettBates Corporation within 30 days of purchase.  Warranty coverage is conditional upon return of the warranty registration form.

If you believe a portion of your BB20 POWDERCOAT FINISH has failed to perform as warranted, please send a short written statement of your claim, the location where the material is installed, together with a copy of your original purchase order, original invoice or other evidence of your purchase to:

            Customer Service Department
                BarnettBates Corporation
                500 Mills Road
                Joliet, IL  60433

BarnettBates Corporation reserves the right to request the materials be returned with transportation charges prepaid for the purpose of inspecting the components to determine the validity of the claim.

SOLE REMEDY:  If any portion of your BB20 POWDERCOAT FINISH is found to be defective, BarnettBates Corporation, as your sole remedy, will issue a pro-rated credit to you under this limited warranty.  The pro-rated credit amount will be based upon the number of years of warranty coverage remaining from the date of claim, and the original cost to BarnettBates of the finish system applied to the defective component(s).

The amount of your pro-rated credit will not include labor to install the replacement, freight or delivery charges, sales tax or any other charges.

This warranty is in lieu of all other expressed warranties.  BarnettBates Corporation makes no other warranties and does not authorize any person or agent to make any other warranties.  BarnettBates Corporation neither assumes nor authorizes any liability or obligation in connection with this product except as stated here in.  In no event shall BarnettBates Corporation be liable for consequential, special, or incidental damages arising out of or connected with the purchase or use of this product.

View/Download BB20 Powdercoat Warranty & Registration Card (PDF)

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